Outdated cottage

Today I have another offer for you – a cottage for sale marbella real estate.

Number of rooms in the cottage: three + kitchen and bathroom

The area of ​​the cottage: the cottage itself is two hundred square meters, the land around the cottage is three thousand nine hundred square meters

The price of the cottage: three hundred thousand euros

Orlické hory

When we get closer to this cottage, we can see a huge building of the cottage and around the cottage a large space, which also belongs to the cottage, which is something like a huge garden. The cottage has one small turret on the roof, which underlines the design of the cottage. In front of the entrance to the cottage is a huge swimming pool, which is built as if into the ground. It\’s really spacious, so I\’d say four to five people can fit in it. The whole is planted in tiles. First we can see the guest room (which is not too big) and in which there is a small table, two chairs and some storage shelves. The whole cottage is conceived in a wooden design, which means that the whole cottage inside is made of wood and it looks very elegant.

rašeliniště Boží Dar

The cottage is not too modern in the interior, but it is still beautiful. Another room is a large spacious bedroom with several beds for sleeping. Another room is a spacious kitchen where a lot of people can cook because it is very spacious and here you can cook whatever you want. Another room is the toilet (but again large and spacious), where there are twelve individual toilets, so there is really no shortage of toilets. The whole cottage has only three rooms, but really spacious. The last room is a large living room. So if you are hesitant and are considering buying a cottage, I would choose this one. Although it is not modern, it is spacious and can really accommodate a lot of people who liked the cottage very much, even though it is outdated.